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Pivotal CRM – Aptean

Pivotal CRM enables you to build precisely the tools you need to offer your customers and your own sales and marketing team the service and information they require. Whether through the more efficient management of marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, or through increased levels of internal communication, or better contact list management, Pivotal CRM can provide you with the functionality to meet your and your customers’ expectations.

Pivotal CRM Service Automation

Pivotal CRM is a complete service automation system that helps you capture, manage, and quickly resolve customer service and support requests, without losing sight of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Give your service team the ability to resolve customer inquiries in a personalised, but repeatable manner that accelerates incident resolution and improves customer satisfaction.

Pivotal CRM Sales Force Automation

Pivotal Sales is a complete Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution that gives salespeople the tools they need to focus their efforts and maximise their time, whilst empowering sales managers to oversee and forecast sales effectively. Pivotal CRM automates every stage of the sales cycle, ensuring you capture every opportunity.

Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation

Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation is for companies that want more out of their marketing efforts. They want to measure the impact of every campaign on the sales pipeline—optimising them for maximum value. Foster relationships with the right prospects over time, ultimately cultivating easier sales and satisfied customers.

Why Pivotal CRM?

Pivotal CRM’s strength lies in its flexibility and configurability. Our LLP CRM team can adapt and extend Pivotal CRM to meet customers’ specific needs, and to model even the most complex processes. LLP CRM has over 12 years’ experience of consulting and implementing Pivotal solutions across the CEE region.


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