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LLP CRM implements a claims management solution for Vivus residential projects

Vivus, a company specializing in apartment construction, has expanded its existing CRM system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with a claims portal solution. The new portal covers the entire claims management process for apartment owners, representatives of the Unit Owners Association and technicians on the developer´s side in case the defect was discovered before the apartment was handed over to the new owner. All communication regarding claims takes place through a client web portal connected to the CRM system.

Automation processes set up in the CRM system monitor and notify relevant users about expiring claim deadlines, manage approval processes and move deadlines. All user management and their login data are also a part of the automation. The system automatically performs various steps during a specific action in the apartment sales cycle. The user interface is highly intuitive, contextual help is available to users directly in the portal, and administrators can easily update this help directly in the interface.

Developerský projekt společnosti Vivus

Benefits & innovations:

The system is used by Vivus managers and dozens of claims technicians from its subcontractors. There are also thousands of apartment owners and representatives of the Unit Owners Association who can access it through the web portal.

January 2023

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