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LLP CRM brings the winds of change to Dormer Pramet

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Cloud CRM allows the central management of customer and contact databases, a price approval workflow, a central database for documents, and many other enhancements.

Dormer Pramet was founded in 2014 as the result of a merger between rotary tooling manufacturer Dormer Tools and indexable tooling specialist Pramet Tools. Together, the two brands represent more than 150 years of history in the metal cutting industry.

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Dissatisfied with its former supplier, Dormer Pramet engaged the services of LLP CRM in the summer of 2018 to manage the implementation, operation, development and support of the cloud solution Dynamics 365. Back then Dynamics 365 covered only the basic management of customer base, business activities and customer price lists. As Dormer Pramet is active globally in more than 25 countries, the new system had to be implemented across different territories and at the same time integrated into one centrally managed unit. The project also included a transition to a completely new user interface.

“It was a challenge for us. The former partner was not cooperating with us, making the transition process more difficult. Many things had to be redesigned to our standards and the errors we had found brought potential functional and security risks. After the initial analytical phase, when we had been examining existing solutions and correcting the identified problems, the project preparation phase and further development started,” explains Petr David, Business Unit Manager at LLP CRM.

The new solution implemented by LLP CRM has been running in full operation since January 2019 and 480 users now use the system. As part of an ongoing quarterly development cycle, LLP CRM implements additional changes resulting from new customer needs which are then further refined.

Key benefits of the project include:

“The result of the entire CRM project exceeded our expectations. We used to have many different external applications for activities which we can now work in one integrated environment. We now have an overview of all our branches around the world. Since the beginning of our cooperation, there has been a surprising number of improvements from LLP CRM as their own initiative. This has led to a number of new features that had not been part of the original project documentation,” adds Klára Mikulášová, CRM and Business Systems Coordinator at Dormer Pramet.

More about Dormer Pramet – www.dormerpramet.com

August 2019

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