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LLP CRM streamlines sales and marketing at CYRRUS

April 2017 – CYRRUS, a leading securities trader on the Czech market operating globally in the field of investment services and investment brokerage, has decided to modernise its CRM system so that it can manage its business opportunities more efficiently and automate its marketing activities.

A tender process led to the selection of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implemented by a team from LLP CRM. The need to upgrade its systems were clear –  the current system was no longer suitable in terms of functionality, did not cover the entire customer base and was insufficiently flexible.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM has met all implementation requirements including: easier management of the client database, overall extension of system functionality, streamlining and automation of sales processes for brokers as well as for marketing campaigns. Company-wide target planning is now more accurate thanks to continuous insights into the specific targets of branch offices, teams, and individual brokers. The evaluation of sales and marketing activities is now easier and faster. The new CRM system is seamlessly integrated with the telephone exchange, SMS gateway and Capitol trading system.

„We had great expectations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, though we knew it had to be adapted to existing practices and business processes at CYRRUS during the implementation. This was the task for LLP CRM’s consultants, who designed the individual customisations. Thanks to this work, our brokers now have a complete view of all key data in one place and are now able to perform the majority of acquisition-related tasks during actual phone calls.

Connecting CRM to external services (such as email, SMS gateway, trading systems, PABX) will additionally provide better campaign planning across multi-channel marketing. However, the biggest challenge still lies ahead of us in the next phase when we intend to be among the first in our industry to implement a complete digitisation of contracts and documents, including electronic signature capability,” said Jiří Grummich, Marketing Director of CYRRUS.

Cyrrus implemented the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 2016 – on-premise solution at its Prague and Brno offices. The next step involves extending the implementation to include the full digitisation of documents (contract generation, signing on tablets, electronic registration of contracts, etc.) and the creation of advanced reports for management.

CYRRUS, a.s. is a licensed securities trader and one of the largest brokerage companies in the Czech Republic. During the financial crisis, Cyrrus was the first broker to change the established business trade model and within a long-term investment strategy helps clients to invest at a tolerable and calibrated level of risk. Cyrrus manages an investment portfolio of more than 4,000 customers with a total investment value of over 2 billion CZK.

About Cyrrus – www.cyrrus.cz

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