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Dynamics 365 streamlines sales management in CE region in Scania

Scania CV AB, a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks, buses, and industrial engines and related services, implemented the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud solution in its Central European Region business unit (Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary).

It replaced the existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 platform with the aim to provide a complete sales management solution across all Scania Group divisions in the above three countries, while optimizing and supporting cooperation between Scania Group and its sister company Scania Finance (offering vehicle financing and insurance services) and take advantage of common interests to achieve better business results.

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The key benefit of Dynamics 365 CRM is the complete coverage of Scania´s sales processes from the initial contact with a customer to transaction closing and data for management reporting. The new CRM solution also contributes to the high level of information awareness a salesperson has about each customer. The solution integrates several other company systems, including a system for vehicle specifications and bid creation (configurator), and a system for managing service branches and service contracts. Consolidating this information into CRM helps the salesperson decide which customer to contact and when and what to offer them. The system is used by more than 300 team members and operates in three countries within the region.

The Dynamics 365 CRM implementation by LLP CRM team was not a one-time issue for Scania as the ambition was to launch a complex sales management solution integrating several company systems so that the salesmen had all necessary information in one place. Given the key role of CRM, system development never ends,” said Tomáš Mentlík, Project Manager CE region at Scania.However, I dare say that over time, together with LLP CRM, we have succeeded in fulfilling the ambition we had with the Dynamics 365 solution. Salesmen throughout the CER (Central European Region) were given a tool to increase their customer awareness and the possibility of working with them more effectively, and their management were given a BI tool. Since business in our industry takes place primarily in the field, some salespeople appreciate working with CRM via the mobile application. Our immediate goal is to start using Dynamics 365 CRM for our new emerging call center.

May 2021

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