Microsoft Dynamics 365

Data and security in Dynamics 365

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Cloud Environment

Dynamics 365 works in a cloud-based Azure environment. You can access your account through a web browser or mobile app. There are daily secure backups of all data in the Microsoft Cloud that comply with the most stringent security criteria.

World map with locations of data in Microsoft Cloud

Data and Security

Data is yours

All customer data is owned by you, is accessible at any time, and you maintain full control over it. More details available here:

Where is your data?

Data is stored in data centers based on geographic location. Data security control mechanisms and compliance with regulations are of course set in place. More details available here:

Who accesses your data?

Access to your data and applications is very guarded and limited and is subject to firm measures that protect data from unauthorised access. More details available here:


With its cloud-based applications, Microsoft enables you to meet GDPR requirements quickly and easily. More details available here:

Aplication Security

Dynamics 365 has multiple levels of data security:

  • Multi-level access based on user roles
  • Accessing data using groups and teams that share permissions
  • Security of individual fields or values in combination with user authorizations

Security can be addressed at the following levels:

  • Business Units
  • Security Roles
  • Hierarchy Security Models
  • Field Security Profiles
  • Users
  • Teams
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