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LLP CRM streamlines customer relationship management at ORLEN Benzina in the Czech and Slovak Republics

The implemented solution is a front-end extension over the existing back-office system and serves as a central point for business (customer acquisition and retention) and storage of all information about ORLEN Benzina’s corporate customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise technology. It streamlines work and communication and saves time not only for the sales department, but across the entire ORLEN Benzina company.

LLP CRM has carried out one of its most extensive implementations of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution at ORLEN Benzina in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new system primarily serves retailers who sell fuel cards to companies with their own fleets, focusing on trucking. These fuel cards facilitate the refuelling of fleets at ORLEN Benzina service stations. Before the implementation of the new CRM, the client handled its business requirements through a simple CRM tool, the back-office system and its peripherals, with extensive use of outdated spreadsheets, causing confusion and frequent delays in the sales force’s daily agenda. 

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The new CRM solution completely covers standard business processes such as lead management, opportunity management, contact management, account management, activity management, task or contract management. The latter includes detailed calculation, modelling, validation and versioning of quotations, contracts and subsequent contract amendments. Another part of the new solution is ticket management for effective management of customer support work at the L1 (provided by an external company) and L2 (provided directly by ORLEN Benzina) levels. The system synchronizes emails on different devices, monitors and reports SLA parameters compliance and offers a rich selection of templates for preparing business offers. The new CRM solution is connected to the current back-office system, where the implementation has significantly enriched the integration for the transfer of business information.   

“Our goal was to combine and streamline sales and marketing management, including integration with other systems that we’ve used at Benzina for a long time. We were looking for a complex solution which would at the same time be easily scalable in the future. Our users’ experience confirms that we could not have chosen better,” said Vladimír Dočekal, Retail Director for Czech Republic at ORLEN Benzina.

The system will be integrated with other ORLEN Benzina products, e.g. its use in car washes, the sale of GRAND gift cards or the ZAME partner discount programme. To cover marketing activities (customer journey, e-mailing, landing pages, event management, etc.), the delivered solution will be enriched with an additional marketing automation module ClickDimensions. The ClickSense module will be used for detailed reporting.

The system is now used by 20 users and was installed on-premise (i.e. on the client’s premises with its own servers). Despite the smaller number of users, this is historically one of the largest implementations carried out by LLP CRM. The already completed phase 1 of the implementation (sales + case management) lasted approximately one year, while a follow-up phase 2 is underway from autumn 2021 to develop further the existing solution (marketing, security, integration to SAP, etc.). The products used include Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise, Microsoft Active Directory (PKN Orlen), Microsoft SQL Server 2016, ClickDimensions and ClickSense.

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